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Installation Process


Installation Process

The process begins with trimming the wood shakes even with the fascia at the drip edge and gable/rake, then removing the caps on ridge and hips. Once this is complete, Elk Versa Shield is installed over the existing wood shake shingles.

The next step is to construct a grid system. 1 x 4’s are installed in a vertical fashion over your roof to level out the shakes. These are secured with #16 galvanize nails and attached to the existing rafters system. 

Next: 2 x 2’s are attached horizontally onto the 1 x 4’s calibrated to 14.5 inches. This part of the structure is where the panels are installed to the field.

Separate structures are built for the valley, hip and ridge attachments.

Each panel is attached with a #8 black ring-shank nail (especially designed for Gerard) this secures the panels at the top and bottom. Since these nails are applied at a 21 degree angle, this unique fastening system is the key to the 120-mile per hour wind warranty. See photos below:

Roof Installation
Roof Installation
MW Lifetime Roof Installation
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