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About Gerard ...

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Since 1971, Gerard has manufactured stone-coated steel roofing panels. The company pioneered acrylic resin roof panel technology in New Zealand, where galvanized corrugated steel roof was a popular alternative to traditional roof materials. Gerard’s space age, acrylic resin technology revolutionized the industry by providing a more durable, long lasting stone coating to the pressed steel panel. Gerard stone-coated steel roofing set the new benchmark within the roofing industry, providing a combination of properties unequaled by other products:

  • Extremely Lightweight (1.4 lb per square foot)
  • Exceptional Fire Resistance (Steel doesn’t burn)
  • Superior Wind Warranty (120 mph)
  • Incredible Hail Stone Warranty (2 ½" in diameter – weatherproof)
  • Wide Color Range to suite any architectural style (22 colors)

It was this unique combination of product benefits, which propelled Gerard to international acceptance and by the early 80’s, worldwide distribution to more than 35 countries. Gerard’s performance soon caught the attention of the Alcan Aluminum Corporation, and through a joint North American expansion effort, Gerard established a sales and distribution center in Southern California. By 1986, the California operation had grown to the point where a U.S. manufacturing facility was built to help meet the increased product demand. Gerard had clearly defined itself as a force in the residential re-roofing segment.

Nearly nine years later, Gerard’s management team, in conjunction with a sister company within Alcan Building products, organized a management led buy-out for the two businesses. In December 1995, the deal was consummated and Gerard united with the diversified Allmet Building Products Company.

Under Gerard’s new ownership the business is better positioned to take advantage of the opportunities in the growing building products industry and expanding its presence in domestic and international markets. Part of the expansion includes new product development activities and the prestigious ISO 9001 quality certification of the Gerard facility. This comprehensive quality control program gives Gerard the highest rating a manufacturer can bring to market. With our team approach, you can be assured of a quality product manufactured by dedicated individuals with solid financial backing.

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